Alert and Warning Intervals in PM (CM)

Alert and warning interval in Preventive Maintenance (CM) have always been confusing. Let me explain you what they are and how to set them.

Alert interval is the point at which a work order is generated. This interval is checked by BDI to generate work order.

Warning interval is the point at which a warning is issued to inform you that a preventive maintenance (PM) record is almost overdue.This interval is checked by BDI to generate warning.

The Assets (CM) application color-codes warnings and overdue PMs.

If the alert interval is null, BDI would create the work order at the moment the PM is generated. So it should never be null.

When setting the alert and warning interval, the Alert and Warning Interval State plays an important role. Here’s how –

Consider a PM with time based frequency as 30 days. Work order for this PM should be created on the 24th days and the warning should be shown from the 27th day. Let’s see how the alert and warning interval should be set to achieve this based on different interval state.

Alert Warning 01

Alert Warning 02

Alert Warning 03

Alert Warning 05

Alert Warning 06

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