Maximo Concepts Has Been Moved!

Welcome to Maximo Concepts.

This blog has been moved from to

What that means is I wouldn’t be updating or publishing blogs on anymore, I would be doing it here from now on. From the looks and feel prospective, nothing has changed, your experience would remain the same.

Unfortunately, people who had subscribed to my old blog will have to subscribe again here. I would do my best to subscribe them myself, if you get a subscription confirmation request from this blog, please accept it.

So for the latest updates you are at the right place. There is a whole new section on the right panel for subscribing so don’t forget to subscribe!


Welcome to Maximo Concepts Blog!

Welcome to Maximo Concepts blog!

I have been working on Maximo for quiet some time now and thought why not share the knowledge and experience with everyone. I would try and posts both technical (configuration/customization) as well as functionality related posts. And I will try to make them as simple as possible for everyone to understand.

So there you go – my first post and many more to come.