isNew() vs toBeAdded() Methods in MBO

Often this question is asked that what is the difference between isNew() and toBeAdded() methods of the Mbo. Before I explain the difference let me tell you what these methods are –

  • isNew() – Returns whether the mbo is new or not. true, if the mbo is new (i.e. created by calling add() or insert() methods), otherwise false.
  • toBeAdded() – Returns whether the Mbo is to be added to storage
  • toBeDeleted() – Returns whether the Mbo is to be deleted from storage
  • toBeSaved() – Returns whether the object need to be saved to persistent storage. This will also check child objects.

All these method are in the psdi.mbo.Mbo class and have a return type as Boolean.

The difference is explained using the scenarios in the below table

Scenario isNew()  toBeAdded() toBeDeleted() toBeSaved()
New Mbo Added True True False True
New Mbo Added, deleted before saving the Mbo True False True False
Existing Mbo updated False False False True
Existing Mbo deleted False False True False

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