Conditionally Changing the Lookup on an Attribute

Whenever I travel, I either read or I write. These days I am travelling a lot and I am on a writing spree, so you would be seeing quite a few posts from me.

That brings me to this unique requirement to display different lookups on a field based on a condition. A simple example of this is displaying a location lookup on a field if, lets say the orgid is EAGLENA else display an asset lookup on the same field.

This can be achieved through conditional UI in application designer.

The images below show how to setup this through conditional UI on a field EQ1 on ASSET.








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2 thoughts on “Conditionally Changing the Lookup on an Attribute”

  1. Nice Pranjal, But is there any way to control the data (domain) using configuration to support the dynamic lookup or you are suggesting to use the lookups with mboname as parameter (which does not hold good with validation clause)

    1. Whereclause in lookup is one way.
      Another one is through configuration but with that conditions are limited to organization and/or site filters.
      However, A conditional table domain can be created easily through customization.

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