Workflow Delegation in Maximo

The workflow engine of Maximo has a functionality which can be used to delegate workflow assignment to a specific person for a specific period of time.

This can be useful when a person is expected to be out of office and may not have access to Maximo. The person can setup the delegate in the person application in the workflow and work order section.


The table below shows how the workflow engine would assign the workflow to the person based on values in the three fields.

Workflow Delegate Delegate From Delegate To Assignment Result
x x x Workflow would be assigned to the intended person
wilson x x Workflow would be always assigned to wilson
wilson 8/12/2015 x From 8/12/15 onwards workflow would be always assigned to wilson
wilson 8/12/2015 8/31/2015 From 8/12/15 till 8/31/15 workflow would be assigned to wilson

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